6.000 years of European Civilization in a glance

EncycloMedia is a great interdisciplinary and multimedia history resource and today’s most innovative educational tool for tablets, computers and interactive whiteboards

EncycloMedia is a great multidisciplinary encyclopaedia that thoroughly illustrates historic events in a very engaging way. Providing the users with a vast and detailed collection of multimedia materials and interactive didactic tools. EncycloMedia guides the students through the process of understanding, connecting and contextualizing ideas, events, people and works throughout history.

EncycloMedia is a rich collection of high-quality historical essays, which can be surfed like an encyclopedia following the many connections, from prehistory to the dawn of the third millennium.

A lesson, a research project or other didactic activities can be supported by certified resources and organized based on personalized paths, which can be adapted to different didactic needs.

Semantic Search Engine ®

The Search Engine at the core of EncycloMedia and its search tools are based on a network of semantice relationships among terms and events – a network you can surf interactively. All the contents of EncycloMedia have been sorted, categorized and anchored to every node in the massive network – a network of meanings, connected on a deep level. Special algorithms assign a different weight to the information depending on your search query, in order to find the most important informationin relation to your core interest.

As full online product no installation will be needed. It worls with any electronic device using a standard browser as Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome or Safari.

Browse with EncycloMedia through and use

  • 3,000 essays, written by leading scholars
  • 40,000 files on events, people, works and places
  • 10,000 multimedia resources, such as pictures, animations, quotations and sound and video clips
  • Dynamic historical atlas: Countless interactive historical maps about the history of the five continents from 4,000 B.C. up to the present day
  • Timeline creator allowing to create interactive timelinesSmart search engine: Build your own consistent learning paths
  • Save content individually and build and prepare your own multimedia lessons

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